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Enhance a space with an open cell ceiling

When you are building or renovating a house or office, every little thing has to be taken into consideration. You have to think about what colours you want the walls to be, how the interior will look like and so on. Often, ceilings are a little overlooked and turn out to be plain and simple. Do you want to change that and are you looking for a unique ceiling? Then Ceilings and Lighting is the partner you are looking for! This expert creates ground-breaking designs to top off your project. You can choose from numerous options when it comes to the design or your ceiling. When it comes to an open cell ceiling, the options are endless.

A special open cell ceiling

Everyone has their own specific preference when it comes to an open cell ceiling. This expert has a wide range of blades and ceiling shapes that allows customers to experiment and play with designs. At this place, you will definitely find the open cell ceiling of your dreams. Whether you want a classic or stylish design, this specialist has it! An open cell ceiling is available in different colours. Choose for a white open cell ceiling if you want a spacious effect, or a brown wood-like tone for a cosy and welcoming atmosphere.

Get in touch and ask for a customized ceiling

Are you (re)building and do you really want to have an open cell ceiling so you can arrange unique lighting systems? Then do not hesitate to get in touch with the employees of Ceilings and Lighting if you are interested in working with them. Fill in their contact form, call them or send an email and get to know what this expert can do for you. The employees will gladly tell you all there is to know about an open cell ceiling.